Gerlossteinwand/Torhelm (2.452 m) - Weißbachalm (1.543 m) - Kühle Rast (1.191 m)


03:30 h
14 km
Höhenmeter Bergauf
820 hm
Höhenmeter Bergab
1250 hm
Höchster Punkt
2452 m
Route Start

top station, Gerlossteinbahn Hainzenberg

Route Ende

Gasthof Kühle Rast (1.191 m), return by hiking bus is possible



Wetter heute
27° Sonne, Wolken, Regenschauer
Wetter morgen
26° Sonne, Wolken, Regenschauer


Hike on the wonderful Gerloser Höhenweg - award-winning hiking trail of the Land Tyrol

After the ascent with the Gerlossteinbahn turn left onto hiking trail no. 8 over a gently rising road. After crossing a small, romantic ravine the climb branches off to the right just before a T-bar lift. By heading over lush green Alpine meadows and steep terrain in multiple steep steps, you will reach Heimjöchl. Continue a little bit further downwards till a slowly to moderately ascending path leads along the slope to Lixlkarscharte. From there you will be able to catch a glimpse of the wonderful view of the Brandberger Kolm in the east and Geiskopf in the west. Hiking trail no. 8 leads left at first along a small bay and then continues off to the right over a green Alpine meadow underneath the Brandberger Kolm. A path branches off to the left here to Torhelm. On a broad, green ridge you will finally reach the peak of the mountain after heading in a south-westerly direction. Enjoy the magnificent view of the surrounding mountain scenery from up here! The descent first leads back over the same path and then follows – a trackless path in part – the markings in no. 8 downwards into a high valley. After approx. 20 minutes you will cross a babbling brook in the direction of Weißbachalm. Follow this hiking trail downwards to the valley over other lush Alpine meadows, until you reach a road. Then continue on this path to Schwarzbichlalm, and then, after a few kilometres, you will finally reach “Kühle Rast”. From “Kühle Rast“, you can then travel back to Hainzenberg to the starting point by bus. 

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