Single Trail Isskogel / for beginners


6.8 km
Höhenmeter Bergab
640 hm
Höchster Punkt
1892 m
Route Start

Isskogelbahn Bergstation

Route Ende




Wetter heute
21° Sonne und Wolken
Wetter morgen
22° Sonne und Quellwolken, Regenschauer und Gewitter möglich
Status Geschlossen


The two Single Trails are suitable for beginners and for the start of the season.

Both Single Trails are starting at the beginning of the Isskogel mountain station along the ski slope and then run into the terrain break of  the Barmbach. In some bends and with numerous curves the trail loses some height, leads close to the track and then crosses the crumbling slope.

Here, on the gravel road, don’t turn left into the forest, but follow the gravel road until after 2 curves, it starts slightly downhill and then slightly ascending.

From the Cable car Dorfbahn, follow another trail about 1 km downhill from gravel road through the forest.


At the next intersection, keep the left site, and get at the chain barriers a short time off from the bike.

50 meters further you will see a trail leading into the forest. The last 1200 meters is a light and "flowy" trail. After about 100 meters the trail separates with two possible variants.

Basically both trail variants are easy to describe. At first through the forest follows a clearing with slight curves and waves. Then you cross again the gravel road and it goes, just like in the upper part, beautifully light and "flowy" down again on the gravel road.

From here, the goods path passes 300 meters just past on a barriers and across the asphalted "Wiesenweg". The remaining 3 km over asphalt goes down into the "Innertal" and back to the valley station of the Isskogelbahn.


Attention: On the last 3 asphalted kilometers from the „Wiesenweg“ is to be counted at any time with oncoming traffic.

(Tractors, hay tractors and also trucks).

Tariffs Singletrail:


Day Ticket

Adult with guestcard EUR 28,00

Adult without guestcard EUR 31,10

*Children with guestcard EUR 14,00

*Children without guestcard EUR 15,60

Single Card

Adult with guestcard EUR 11,00

Adult without guestcard EUR 12,10

*Children with guestcard EUR 5,50

*Children without guestcard EUR 6,10

*Children´s rate: from : 2005-2013

Children are free of charge when born later than 01.01.2014

Family-Card: When buying 1 or 2 adults and 1 children's card, all other children of a family are promoted free of charge.

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