491/492- Singletrail Isskogel (Iss-Flow 1-3)


0.4 km
Höhenmeter Bergauf
1 hm
Höhenmeter Bergab
431 hm
Höchster Punkt
1893 m
Route Start

Bergstation Isskogelbahn

Route Ende




Wetter heute
22° Sonne und Quellwolken, Regenschauer und Gewitter möglich
Wetter morgen
21° Sonne, Wolken, Regenschauer


Status Geschlossen



Iss-Flow 1-3

From the top station of the "Isskogel" gondola the trail leads along the slopes and then winds its way into the terrain of the "Barmbach" creek. In some curves and with numerous waves the singletrail loses some height, leads close to the driving way and then crosses the descent "Krummbach". From the slopes and meadow area now it goes into the forest. Waves and riparian curves guarantee pure "Flow". Already after the first curve there is the possibility to choose a more difficult variant. The singletrail "Iss-Flow" runs through a fantastical forest with clearings, different trees and leads past cliffs. After the intersection forest path the singletrail leads along the height line further out into the trace of the "Isskogel" gondola. Also here it is possible to change to a medium difficult trail. The singletrail "Iss-Flow" offers further riparian curves with waves and jumps before the trail ends at the driving way, which leads to hut "Rösslalm".


Passing the hut "Rössl Alm" the approach road leads left onto a cart track. After a few meters the trail branches right off and leads in many riparian curves and gentle waves towards the valley. Wetlands to be crossed on fondly created Northshore bridges. Between deciduous trees and swampland the trail leads in a spruce forest. On a long Northshore Bridge including a curve a varied circuit piece is waiting for you. On the last meters you get again soil between the studs. Arrived at the "Wiesenweg" is the end of the single trails.


Tariffs Singletrail:


Day Ticket

Adult with guestcard EUR 28,00

Adult without guestcard EUR 31,10

*Children with guestcard EUR 14,00

*Children without guestcard EUR 15,60

Single Card

Adult with guestcard EUR 11,00

Adult without guestcard EUR 12,10

*Children with guestcard EUR 5,50

*Children without guestcard EUR 6,10

*Children´s rate: from : 2005-2013

Children are free of charge when born later than 01.01.2014

Family-Card: When buying 1 or 2 adults and 1 children's card, all other children of a family are promoted free of charge.

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