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Relax here & now

Not only do the Krimml Waterfalls have a proven effect on respiratory diseases, but the sounds of the waterfalls and the mountain streams are deeply relaxing. 

Take 20 minutes and immerse yourself in the flow of life. Let your mind wander. You will feel your spirits lighten, and your mind will clear. Think about the clear air and wonderful experiences – pause, and sense the power of nature.

  • Take a chair, a cushion or a blanket and have a seat or lie down. Make yourself comfortable so you can relax for the next few minutes.
  • Prepare for meditation: straighten your spine, place your hands in your lap or on your knees, and close your eyes.
  • Relax even more by taking 5 deep breaths.
  • Now focus on your breath as it gently flows in and out of your nose. That is all you have to do. Keep your eyes closed until we end the meditation.
  • Focus on your breathing; feel every movement. Just think of your thoughts as a stream that is omnipresent but need not be the centre of your attention. Allow your mind to wander from time to time.
  • That’s it! Honestly. Meditation is not complicated. The only challenge is to actually sit down and take the time to do it!

Enjoy your relaxation.
The Krimml Tourist Association team

To deactivate waterfall mediation, click “Stop”.

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