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Abenteuerland Gerlos

If you fancy a variety-packed day out, this is the place for you! From tree houses to a high ropes course, there’s something for everyone here!

Something foreveryone

In addition to these highlights, the nearby forest playground with suspension bridge and trampolines, a 3D archery course and a versatile mountain bike practice trail with a 500 m long circuit and a pumptrack await you.

In the varied course you have to overcome 8 stations requiring skill, endurance and strength.

In the high ropes course including the flying fox course, courage and skill are put to the test at the 95 stations, and there are also 15 stations suitable for children for the smallest in the family. Children who are 105 cm or taller can explore the course with their parents, having fun – and developing their sense of balance while they’re at it – at heights of 5 metres.

Discover the new wooden marble run at the forest playground in Gerlos!
A new highlight awaits you in Adventure Land Gerlos: the wooden marble run at the forest playground. Here, both big and small children can test their skills and enjoy hours of fun.

High-quality wooden balls can be purchased from the ball machine on site for just two euros. These balls can not only roll on the track but also be taken home as unique souvenirs.

Parking facilities

Parkplatz Tennishalle Gerlos, 6281 Gerlos Nr. 65

Tree houses for explorers

One special feature in the adventure park is located along the lakeside path from the bridge near the centre of Gerlos past the forest playground to Gerlos Gmünd where very special tree houses can be found in 7 places. Solid wood or natural materials were used throughout as building materials. The form and design of the individual tree houses’ architecture is adapted to the main theme. For example, you will find a walk-in honeycomb, a bird’s nest, a hunter’s raised hide and much more. The tree houses boost and strengthen children’s motor and cognitive skills.

The new forest playground near the Erlebnisreichweg in Gerlos is a true adventure playground with a suspension bridge, large swing and much more. The idyllic playground is very quiet and offers countless opportunities to let off steam.

High ropes course with flying fox

Courage and skill are required on the action-packed adventure course. The high ropes course is a series of elements mounted on a group of tree trunks at a height of 10 to 15 metres. This ropes course is like an obstacle course consisting of ropes, wires and trees. After some introductory training, you can start your adventure and put your courage and skills to the test. A spectacular finish is guaranteed with 31 zip lines!

Safety for children with the Smart Belay!
One carabiner detects if the other is open and, if the equipment is used correctly, it blocks the opening mechanism until the first carabiner is clipped back onto the safety wire and engaged again.

MTB practice trail at the forest playground
Varied practice trail with a 500 m loop. After the start, it leads briefly uphill in the sparse forest. On the descent, two hairpin bends / steep bends await you right at the beginning. The average longitudinal gradient is moderate and there are always short climbs back up.
MTB practice trail at the forest playground
Gerlos Erlebnisreichweg
The Erlebnisreichweg trail is all about the interplay between man and ecology. You can choose any starting point between Gerlos and Gmünd.
Gerlos Erlebnisreichweg
3D archery course at the forest playground
You can hunt 7 real-looking animals together with a guide and also shoot at wooden targets at Abenteuerland Gerlos.
3D archery course at the forest playground
Variety-packed course
New since 2020: the variety-packed course with 8 stations requiring endurance, skill and strength.
Variety-packed course

Gerlos pump track

A pump track is being added to the MTB practice trail at Abenteuerland in Gerlos this summer and is located right next to the forest playground.

Pump tracks are a playground for any age and skill level. The circuit with waves, curves and jumps is actively ridden with sweeping up and down movements – called pumping. The aim is to increase and maintain speed without pedalling. As an addition to the MRB practice trail, the pump track is ideal for developing a feel for the bike in waves and curves and for learning the right riding technique for the big trails, such as the Isskogel trail in Gerlos or the Wiesenalm trail in Gerlos or the Wiesenalm trail in Zell. Accelerating with each wave without pedalling is of course a lot of fun at the same time!

The pump track in Gerlos was designed as a two-part track. The elliptical part is suitable for the youngest riders in terms of radius and dynamics and can be ridden in both directions. This easier part is connected to the main track. As an endless loop with the option of changing direction, the track is characterised by higher dynamics and dimension. The easier elliptical part is used to change from clockwise to anti-clockwise direction. A dirt bike, mountain bike or even road bikes and BMX bikes are ideal for riding the pump track. Heavily suspended downhill bikes and heavy e-bikes are less suitable.

Please note: Use at your own risk. Parents are liable for their children.

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