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Once used as money by the Fichtenwichtel, until they realized that being healthy, happy, and kind to each other is the best currency.


A very special key that not only unlocks the doors of the Fichtenschloss but also opens your senses to magical moments and healing powers.

Witch's Broom

An essential cleaning tool in the Fichtenschloss. It sweeps away negative energy every day, bringing in fresh laughter, happy thoughts, and good spirits.

Magic Wand

The only magic wand in the world with a pinecone tip. It's especially good at calming mischievous forest spirits.

Knotted Axe

Long ago, a Fichtenwichtel dropped his axe into a waterhole while chopping wood. The next day, it reappeared at the Fichtenwichtel's campsite with a knot in the handle! They say the fog spirit Rutan tied the knot to play a prank on the careless Wichtel.


A precision tool that helped design the Fichtenschloss. Look closely, and you will see that all the arches and rosettes are shaped like circles.

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