Ski Touring

The Zillertal Arena offers a wide range of ski tours around Gerlos. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced tour participant Gerlos is the right place for interesting and varied ski routes from altitudes of 1,200 m up to the glacier regions and their 3,000 m peaks.

Before setting off on a ski tour we recommend to consult the avalanche report at or get information about the local avalanche situation from the ski schools.



Tour tip:


  • SEESPITZE (2,365 m)

Starting point: The small car park in the Schwarzach Valley.

Ascent: The tour starts at the small car park in the Schwarzach valley leading south bound across medium-steep hill pastures, crossing a driveway a severel times, upwards to the Weißbachalm. Passing by the hut on the right side you come to a driveway leading you fairly flat through a forest until you reach the big swaths in alpine pasture of the Weißbachalm Mitterleger. Pass by the Hochleger and on to the wide mountain ridge which leads south bound to the Seespitze. On this mountain ridge you continue the ascent up to an elevation of 2,050 m. Here you leave the track leading to the Torhelm and remain on the ridge continuing one's way in a southwestern direction, alternating between hill tops and hollows, just ahead of two unremarkable elevations. Move ahead on fairly flat ground whereas the right elevation is the Seespitze. Often the trace is also laid through the valley between the two ridges (one leading to the Torhelm and the other one leading to the Seespitze). However, to take the way on the left ridge as described above is safer.

 Walking timeDifference in altitude
Seespitze:3 - 3,5 hours1,187 m

Descent: The same as the ascent – in very safe conditions - usually in spring - it is possible to cross in a southern direction to the Brandbergjoch, further on eastbound through nice sluices along the steep northern flank of the Brandberg Kolm reaching the upper Schwarzachalm, continuing to the lower Schwarzachalm and through the Schwarzach Valley to the starting point again.