Large round trip: Rosenalm - Karspitz (2.135 m) - Schmankerlhütte Kreuzwiesenalm - Rosenalm


Walking time
04:30 h
Route Length
12 km
altitude meters uphill
620 hm
altitude meters downhill
620 hm
highest point
2257 m

Altitude Profile


weather today
28° Sun and cumulus clouds, rain showers and thunderstorms possible
weather tomorrow
26° Sun, clouds, rain showers


Challenging family hike on the wonderful Karspitz viewing summit in the Kreuzjoch district - also suitable for kids in good physical condition.

You can easily reach the starting point of the 4.5 hour circular hike with the Rosenalmbahn cable car in Zell am Ziller. At the mountain station, turn left onto hiking trail no. 11 until you reach Kreuzjoch Alm pasture, which is only open in the winter. Take a right past the pasture onto an agricultural road, which leads to a narrower footpath on the summit of the Karspitz. At the summit, you will catch a glimpse of the wonderful view over the surrounding mountains and the small, idyllic Pfannsee. Continue to follow hiking trail no. 11 downwards

until you reach the fork in the road at Törljoch, where you will be able to see the beautifully situated Rosssee for the first time. Passing the lake on the right you will come to the Karhütten, where you will end up on an agricultural road again, which you should follow until you get to the last bend. Then turn right over a small stream onto Schmankerlweg in the direction of Kreuzwiesenalm. There is a small fork in the road after the hut, which leads to a tranquil, narrow footpath through the forest until you get back to the starting point. Alternatively, you can also continue along the agricultural road for the last section of the trail until you get to Rosenalm. Of course, with a long hiking tour, you can’t miss out on original Zillertal refreshments!


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