skiMovie & Speed-Check runs

Have you always dreamed of being a Movie Star and a Speed-Queen or Speed-King at the same day? Get your best carving turns on camera at one of the five skiMovie runs or find out how fast you can go on your skies or snowboard at the Speed-Check runs. In the evening you can easily download the movie and pictures and send them to your friends.




The Zillertal Arena offer its guests an absolute highlight - the so-called skiMovie! Ski, snowboard and freestyle enthusiasts can film their performance on five special skiMovie sections of slope.


At the BMW xDrive Cup Speed Check run at the Kreuzwiese in Zell you can measure your personal best time! Check out the  BMW xDrive Speed-Check run in Hochkrimml.


skiMovie and Speed-Check runs in the Zillertal Arena:

  • BMW xDrive Cup Skimovie Strecke in Zell / Action-Park Kreuzwiese
  • SkiMovie Strecke in Gerlos / Ebenfeld-X-Press
  • BMW xDrive Cup Skimovie Strecke in Königsleiten (Boardercross) / Gipfelbahn
  • Skimovie Strecke Königsleiten / Gipfelbahn
  • Skimovie Strecke Hochkrimml / Duxer-6er Bubble
  • BMW xDrive Speed Check Strecke in Zell / Action-Park
  • Kids Speed Check Strecke in Gerlos / Ebenfeld-X-Press
  • Speed Check Strecke in Königsleiten / Gipfelbahn
  • BMW xDrive Speed Check Strecke Hochkrimml / Plattenkogellift


Click here for a personal video and speed check picture


SkiMovie - Be a Movie Star