Avalanche Information Centre


Here you will find the current avalanche warning services for Tyrol and Salzburg




Avalanche Danger Scale:

Level 1 - Low
The snowpack is well bonded and stable in general. Triggering is generally possible only from high additional loads** in isolated areas of very steep, extreme terrain. Only sluffs and small-sized natural avalanches are possible.

Level 2 - Moderate
The snowpack is only moderately well bonded on some steep slopes*, otherwise well bonded in general. Triggering is possible primarily from high additional loads**, particularly on the indicated steep slopes*. Large-sized natural avalanches are unlikely.
Seize 3 - Considerable
The snowpack is moderately to poorly bonded on many steep slopes*. Triggering is possible, even from low additional loads** particularly on the indicated steep slopes*. In some cases medium-sized, in isolated cases large-sized natural avalanches are possible.

Seize 4 - High

The snowpack is poorly bonded on most steep slopes. Triggering is likely even from low additional loads** on many steep slopes. In some cases, numerous medium-sized and often large-sized natural avalanches can be expected.

Seize 5 - Very High
The snowpack is poorly bonded and largely unstable in general. Numerous large-sized and often very large-sized natural avalanches can be expected, even in moderately steep terrain.

* The avalanche-prone locations are described in greater detail in the avalanche bulletin (altitude, slope aspect, type of terrain)
  • moderately steep terrain: slopes shallower than 30 degrees
  • steep slope: slopes stepper than 30 degrees
  • very steep, extreme terrain: adverse slope angle (more than 40 degrees), terrain profile, proximity to ridge, smoothness of underlying ground surface

** additional loads:
  • low: individual skier / snowboarder, riding softly, not falling; snowshoer; group with good spacing (minimum 10m) keeping distances
  • high: two or more skiers / snowboarders etc. without good spacing (or without intervals); snowmachine; explosives; single hiker/climber



Source: Lawinenwarndienst Tirol