Action-Park Kreuzwiese

At the Kreuzwiese in Zell you will find a load of action everywhere. There is the spectacular funpark, where beginners and pros show what they can do, also there is the big bagjump, where you can try all kind of different jumps and tricks. Furthermore, there is a cool chill-area at the tipis, two action loaded fun runs for kids and adults as well as the BMW xDrive skimovie route and the BMW xDrive speed check route.

NEW: Bagjump landing bag at Actionpark Kreuzwiese powered by Prinoth

Starting this winter, a Bagjump landing airbag will be available free of charge at Actionpark Kreuzwiese for all visitors looking to practise or try out new jumps. The airbag is a 31x17m air cushion which is placed behind a ski jump over the landing. Thanks to the extremely soft cushioning, the impact of landing is safely absorbed, and skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels can practise their first jumps or try out new tricks here.

Bagjump landingbag opening hours:
The landingbag is daily open from 10.00 a.m. at adequate weather conditions.
During heavy snowfall and fog the Bagjump remains closed!

TIP: ShredSchool with free coaching every Tuesday from 11.00 am at Actionpark Kreuzwiese!




Our experienced shapers are working hard every day to create a special set up, so beginners and pros can have a cool and fantastic day.

Opening hours: 9.00am 4.00pm (reshap start 3.00pm)

The Setup

  •  3m Flat Box
  •  6m Flat Box
  •  4m Tube
  •  4m Industrial Rail
  •  5m Straight Rail
  •  5m Donkey Industrial Rail
  •  Flat Down Rail
  •  Flat Down Box
  •  Pole Jam Box
  •  Kids Jump
  •  8m Jump
  •  11m und 9m Jump


Fun Runs

For heaps of fun and action we have two fun runs for kids as well as adults, with small jumps, some fun tubes and you´ll find our beloved FUNty there.