Singletrails in de Zillertal Arena

LET OP: de single trail Wiesenalm in Zell am Ziller blijft in de zomer van 2020 gesloten!

De singletrails in de Zillertal Arena bieden alle avontuurlijke fietsers downhill-plezier op z'n best. De singletrail "Wiesenalm" in Zell am Ziller is bijzonder geschikt voor sportieve beginners en biedt ook de singletrail-expert spannende afwisseling. Voor de perfecte all-round ondersteuning zorgen de speciaal ingerichte gondels, een fiets-wasstation en een verhuur en service direct bij het dalstation van de Rosenalmbahn. Die vier Trails am Isskogel in Gerlos bieten mit verschiedenen Schwierigkeitsstufen Fahrvergnügen für Jedermann und sind harmonisch direkt in das Gelände integriert. Auch bei der Talstation der Isskogelbahn befindet sich eine Bike-Waschstation sowie ein Verleih und Service.

However, there are a few rules to be observed for untroubled biking pleasure:

  1. Riding the single trails is at your own risk. There is no liability assumed for accidents.
  2. Helmets are mandatory for the entire trail.
  3. Riders must adapt their descending speed to the givens of the terrain, the quality of the surface, and in particular to the changing weather conditions and their own abilities.
  4. Choose your speed so, that in any dangerous situation you can brake in a controlled fashion and pay close heed to slower riders
  5. It is strictly prohibited to leave the marked trail. Take care of the nature!
  6. Riding the route is permitted only during the operating hours of the cable car. Outside operating hours there is no control of the route.
  7. Hazard signs are there for your protection. Do not ignore them.
  8. The instructions of the cable car personnel and trail caretakers must be heeded without exceptions.
  9. When crossing the road, pay attention to the traffic. Traffic has priority.
  10. Familiarize yourself with the emergency points of the route and take notice of the emergency number 140.
  11. Avoid long pausing at spots where visibility is impaired.
  12. Driving on the track with motorized vehicles (trial and motocross machines) is strictly prohibited.


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