Men on a Mission Tour - day 3


21.8 km
Hoogtewinst bergop
1455 hm
Het hoogste punt
2695 m



weer vandaag
10° Dikke wolken, wat regen
weer morgen
13° Compact clouds with no sun


A worthy highlight!

The third day starts with a tranquil hike along the Gerlosbach, later along the Gmünd reservoir to the Kühle Rast inn. From here, a goods path leads through the Schwarzachtal to the lower and then from there up to the upper Schwarzachalm. From here, a hiking trail takes us to the Brandbergjoch at 2,307 m in about 2 hours. We comfortably descend towards the Kolmhaus in about 20 minutes. Before we reach the Kolmhaus, we turn left to the Brandberger Kolm, a prominent peak at 2,700 m with an unforgettable panoramic view. We reckon on about 2 hours for the climb and descent from the Brandberger Kolm. You will spend the night at Berghotel Gerlosstein, which you reach on the path back to Gerlosstein in the direction of Heimjöchl.


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