Women on a Mission Tour- day 2


16.1 km
Höhenmeter Bergauf
1085 hm
Höchster Punkt
2330 m



Wetter heute
Kompakte Wolken ohne Sonne
Wetter morgen
Leichte Schneeschauer, Sonne und Wolken


High up at the top

Well fortified with a Zillertal breakfast we start our tour in Gerlos. We head east along the beautiful stream from the Isskogelbahn car park. First we hike through the wonderfully cool forest and reach the Durlaßboden reservoir’s dam wall. After crossing the top of the dam, a beautiful forest path follows along the lake. This hiking trail offers nature at its very finest and leads us past the rustic Bärschlagalm. Over a short stretch of asphalt with a view of lush green meadows with cows grazing, we reach the Alpengasthof Finkau.

Once we’re at the Trisslalm, we have definitely earned a good snack and take in the impressive mountain scenery. With our energy levels topped up with products from the mountain farm, things get tough again in the last two and a half hours. It is a wonderful climb, along a wide path to the Zittauer Hütte goods cable car station first. Then the path climbs and gets a little rockier, our pulse really shoots up again, before we reach the final destination for today, the Zittauer Hütte. The path over stone slabs leads past a waterfall, followed by a spectacular view of the Reichenspitzgruppe with their glaciers. The idyllic location of the hut at the lower Wildgerlossee at the foot of the Reichenspitzgruppe is unique. As is the unforgettable view from the cosy sun terrace over the rugged glaciers of the Gerloskees. We have really earned a break and refreshment at the Zittauer Hütte!

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