Kinderprogramma Wald-Königsleiten

Whether you are young or young-at-heart, there’s one thing you’ll definitely notice in the Zillertal Arena – no one gets bored here! The Zillertal Arena has long been known for its wide-ranging choice of leisure activities with something for everyone: girls and boys, young and old, sports enthusiasts or nature lovers. The kids programme of Krimml-Hochkrimmland Wald-Königsleiten guarantees fun & games for the little ones.



Games, Fun & Action at the Bear Camp in Königsleiten
(25. May until Deczember 2017)
We make games in our colorful and child-friendly play areas or on the large playground with action motor park, visit guinea pigs, rabbits, goats & more. In the petting zoo we organize a ball tournament on our fun court. A mini golf tournament on the mini golf course would be possible. If the weather is good we start with a magnifying glass in our hand and explore the nature just like native flowers, herbs and animals. For lunch we return to the bear camp where we light a bonfire and a barbecue for lunch. Then we look back at our day with a vision of a magical image with the materials we have collected during our hike. There is a indoor playground about 200 m² and an outdoor area of ​​approximately 20,000 m². (The program is designed depending on the weather.)

Meeting & Duration: 10.00 o'clock at the Bear Camp (Alpenwelt Resort) in Königsleiten, Picking up the children on time at 16.00 o'clock.
Registration: Until the day before 17.00 O'clock at the Tourist Office, Tel. (06565)8243
Costs: With guest card from Wald and Krimml € 10, - ( otherwise € 20,
Participants: From 4 to 20 children , ideal for children 5-14 years
What to bring: Clothing according to the weather, backpack and possibly empty bottle;