Holiday programme thursday

The Gernkogel (2,267m) is known as one of the most flower-filled mountains of Austria! We will encounter an amazing variety of herbs and flowers on our hike to the peak- your tour guide can tell you all sorts of things about these natural treasures - and then they will end up in our herb basket. An incomparable alpine panorama awaits us at the peak, offering a view of the Hohen Tauern mountain landscape. We will take a hearty snack along with us to fortify us! There’s a free mountain herb salt to take home as a reward. A lovely mountain hike for all mountain lovers!
Registration: by Wednesday 5:00 pm  Krimml tourism office 
Meeting place: 8:50 am tourism office  
Contribution towards costs: free with guest card / € 5.00 per person for transfer
Level of demand: middle
Dates 2020: 18.06., 02.07., 16.07., 30.07., 13.08., 27.08., 10.09., 24.09., 08.10;

After a short transfer we reach Königsleiten, from where we start our hike to Gerlosplatte. Upon arriving the Gletscherblick alm (“glacier view”) we will be well-informed about the secrets of cheese production. Experienced hikers have the possibility to climb up to Plattenkogel situated at 2,040 meters.
Registration: by Wednesday 5:00 p.m. Krimml tourism office, Tel. 7239-0
Meeting place: 9:10 am tourism office 
Start: Königsleiten approx.10:00 am- return approx.4:30 pm
Contribution towards costs: free with guest card / € 5.00 per person for transfer
Level of demand: light
Dates 2020: 25.06., 09.07., 23.07., 06.08., 20.08., 03.09., 17.09., 01.10, 15.10

Design, with your own fantasy and imagination in mind, a felt hat, bag
or chair cushion. With Sigi’s assistance, the most beautiful creations will emerge
in no time and without any prior knowledge.
Registration: by Thursday 11 am- Krimml Tourist Office or at
Meeting place: 1 pm- Alpenmineralien Hofer (Wald im Pinzgau Nr. 16) 
Costs: € 5,-- per person with guest card Krimml
Minimum number of participants: 4 people
Timeframe: 09.07. – 03.09.2020

AKTIVELY HIKING – Movement is the best medicine
Health hike to the Krimml waterfalls It is not just an impressive spectacle of nature that awaits you. According to recent research, the Krimml waterfalls also have a healing effect on people. On this guided hike, you will investigate the beneficial powers released by the water. By performing a lung function test and a saccharin test, you can see the effects on your own body. Before the hike, there is a short film about the waterfalls.
Registration: by Wednesday 12 noon, Krimml tourism office - Dogs are not allowed!
Meeting place: 9.00 a.m. - Krimml tourism office
Costs: free with Guest Card Krimml
Level of demand: light
Timeframe: 14.05. – 24.09.2020

Pure adrenaline by jumping over the Dürnbachschlucht (gorge) (2 jumps)
Registration: by Sunday - Alpinschule Hohe Tauern Guide / Tel. 0664/1940657
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Meeting place: 9 am Dürnbachsperre
Costs: € 15.00 per person - Minimum number of participants: 5 people

FOX PARK: Not enough?
There are another couple of adrenaline-chances in Fox Park!
Timeframe: 18.06. – 24.09.2020

It´s not for the faint-hearted – jump and swing on a 25 meter rope. An extra special breathtaking chance awaits you!
Registration: one day before at 5:00 p.m. - Alpinschule Hohe Tauern Guide / Tel. 0664/1940657
Meeting place: 9:00 a.m. - Dürnbachsperre / Neukirchen
Costs: € 45.00 per person / Minimum number of participants: 5 people
Timeframe: 18.06. – 24.09.2020