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Arena Bloghouse

Welcome to the Arena Bloghouse! Creative minds and storytellers will reveal their impressions of the Zillertal Arena, the largest ski area in Zillertal, to the world again this winter. We are once again putting together a casual and diverse programme for bloggers from 13 to 16 January 2022. Together we take a journey through the Zillertal Arena, where fun and individuality come first! Do you want to share your experiences from the Zillertal Arena with your community and tell your stories to the world? Then we look forward to receiving your application at!

Participants 2022

Two girls who ski (Laura & Maylin)

Hello, we are Laura and Maylin, or “Two girls who ski”. We originally come from a small village north of Hamburg in Northern Germany. A few years ago, however, we moved to Austria because of the mountains. We have known each other for a good 20 years and try to spend our free time together in the mountains as often as we can. Summer or winter, the mountains have won our hearts. Three years ago, for fun, we set up a joint Instagram account, which then grew really quickly. There we let our subscribers share in our adventures like skiing, hiking, and mountain biking. If we are not out on the slopes or the hiking trails, you are sure to find us at the après ski.



Gabriela Loretta

Hello, I am Gabriela and live in lovely Innsbruck. I love the mountains, mountain sports and the combination of different activities. The Tirolean Alps are my “playground”, where I spend all of my free time and just have the most fun. Whatever the weather, whether it is hot or cold, every day in nature is unique, so get out there, have fun and enjoy your life.



I am bastiano

Hello, my name is Basti Heckl and I am a photographer and outdoor sportsman from the Allgäu in the south of Germany. For me, the most beautiful thing is to combine my passions for sport, nature and photography. Preferably moving in the opposite direction to the sunrise and sunset. I particularly love to experience and capture rare moments.

Where Linda goes

Hello, we are Linda & Ramon and we are an adventurous couple who likes to travel! We live in Almere and we both grew up in Groningen. We have travelled a lot together and we love to share this on our blog and Instagram page. Ramon is often the one who takes the beautiful photos & videos and I (Linda) keep myself busy with writing inspiring stories and sharing the images on social media. I am also active on TikTok, where I post mostly funny and recognisable videos. We are really looking forward to the weekend in the Arena Bloghouse because we both love the mountains! 😊


Hello, my name is Michael Kuschei.
My home is in Hallein between the mountains, and I spare no effort to view my home from the distant peaks. I prefer to do it all at sunrise or sunset. To prevent myself from being up on the mountains too quickly, I always have my cameras with me, so that I can impress the people down in the valley who do not want to get up so early. I no longer mind what the season is in the mountains. In the summer I can enjoy a jump into a cold mountain lake, and in winter I can hardly wait for the descent after a strenuous skiing tour.

Frances Verweij

Hi there, my name is Frances and I’m from The Netherlands.
I’ve been working as a skiing instructor combined with being a flight attendant during summer for the last 6 years. This winter I’m traveling around through Austria to enjoy the freedom to the fullest and chase the fresh snow. I love being in the mountains, during summer and winter. I’m really looking forward to these few days in Zillertal with new experience ahead!


Servus, we are Sedie and Nienke from She & Ski. We are both originally from Holland. I (Nienke) have lived on the Arlberg for a few years and I (Sedie) keep coming back. If we are surprised, we have a passion for skiing and the mountains! A few years ago we got our Instagram account opened on the way to the Freeride Film Festival because we noticed that we mostly only ski with men. That's why we want to get more girls excited about skiing via our Instagram account. It doesn't matter whether you're sporty, off-piste or leisurely to enjoy nature and the mountains. We are really looking forward to the days in the Zillertal!

Stay safe and meet us in the mountains! ❤

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