Running in Krimml and Wald

In the "Running Park" - KRIMML/WALD visitors can not only expect perfectly sign-posted paths, but also qualified trainers (national association instructors), who provide a specific and varied programme for beginners and the advanced.

Running is not a trend sport, but a training option for everyone, in order to improve overall fitness and well-being.


  • Running trains and activates your heart and circulation, as well as 90% of the human body’s muscles.
  • Thanks to active poling technique pressure is taken off the human musculoskeletal system and the joints are conserved.
  • The human body burns about 500 kcal. within one hour of Running. Running is therefore ideal for weight reduction.
  • Strength, stamina, agility and coordination will be taught and improved, whereby also overall well-being is promoted.

Running Routes in Wald-Königsleiten and Krimml