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For the activation (Greenpass Check) of your ski pass a 3G proof. This applies to all tickets.

We are obliged to check for a 3G certificate for all guests from the age of 12 to use the cable cars and lifts. Your keycard only allows access to the skiing area if proof of the 3G status is provided. You can update your certificate online in the Safe2Ski web portal, at the ticket machines and Greenpass check stations or at our cash desks.

Safe2Ski rules at a glance

Activate keycard
Activate keycard
3G certificate
3G certificate
FFP2 mask
FFP2 mask

The activating of your ticket can be done as follows:

  • Web portal
    You can already link your keycard to your 3G certificate easily on the web portal before you arrive at the ski resort. Requirement: Already charged keycard + 3G certificate
  • Ticket machines and Greenpass Check stations
    Ticket pick-up machines and sometimes additional “Greenpass Checks” are available at some of our bottom stations, where you can pick up your ticket purchased online. Here you can quickly and easily link your keycard to your 3G certificate.
  • Ticket offices
    Your keycard can also be instantly activated when you purchase it from our ski pass ticket offices. Requirement: 3G certificate

Please have your 3G certificate as well as your official identification document ready for possible checks at all times during your stay in the skiing area. FFP2 masks are also compulsory on cable cars and lifts.

What is happening in the background of Safe2Ski?
You can link your valid COVID certificate to your lift ticket (keycard) on the Safe2Ski check-in online portal. If you click on "Agree", your lift ticket (keycard) will remain linked according to the validity period of your certificate. If you click on "Reject", your lift ticket is only linked to your valid COVID certificate for today.

In principle, the ticket will be activated automatically for the duration of the 3G proof, without health data or other data being stored. If you do not agree to automatic activation, you can also have your ticket activated on a daily basis upon presentation of a valid proof.

This page is regularly updated and amended.
Subject to change.
Last update 17/02/2022

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