Rund hiking trip: Zellberg


total walking time
1 h
3 km
altitude meters uphill
300 m
altitude meters downhill
300 m
highest point
860 m
route typ:

altitude profile


weather today
Moderate snowfall, mostly cloudy
weather tomorrow
Compact clouds with no sun


Starting point: Zillerbrücke (bridge) - Zellbergeben
From the starting point Zillerbrücke (bridge) you reach left of the car dealership Huber the start position. Follow the signposting to the path branch no. 4 and 5. After 300 m the path branches off toward Zur Schönsten Aussicht (no. 5). After crossing the road the path leads through a forest to the Gasthof Schulhaus and the Herz-Jesu chapel. From there a short distance along the road further through a dense forest and via the Eugen promenade you reach the Josef chapel and the starting point in the valley.

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