Durlaßboden Reservoir - Water fun in Gerlos

The spring-fresh water warms to a comfortable 21°C in high summer (from June to August) in the Durlaßboden Reservoir makes Gerlos a true summer highlight!  You can learn to surf at the Gerlos Surfing School, or just relax by splashing around, swimming or pedalling a boat.

You can also relax on the lawn next to the lake. A special hiking tip: The circular route around the lake with the possibility to stop by at a cosy mountain restaurant, the “Finkau”, “Bärschlagalm” or the “Seestüberl”.


Surfing on the Durlaßboden Reservoir

At the Durlaßboden reservoir the highest surfing school in Austria (elev. 1,400 m) is situated.  A perfect place for families with small children and teens. An ideal opportunity to make this an unforgettable vacation!

Surfing Certificate with ArenaScheck: € 105,00 per person 
including 1 week surfing course and surfing certificate from VÖYWS. Euquipment is included in the price.

Rental at the Durlaßboden reservoir open daily from 10 am to 5 pm.

Tarifswith ArenaScheckwithout ArenaScheck
1 hour surf board20% reduction€ 15,00
1 hour pedal boat    20% reduction€ 14,00
1/2 hour pedal boat20% reduction€ 9,00
1 hour stand up paddling20% reduction€ 11,00
1/2 hour stand up paddling20% reduction€ 9,00
1 hour kayak20% reduction€ 14,00
1/2 hour kayak20% reduction€ 9,00

Further information: Hannes Hauser, +43/(0)664/3426523

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