Arena Hiking Pass

Hike from the Tyrolean Zillertal valley to Salzburg’s Pinzgau region – there are lots of points to be collected to attain the much sought-after Arena Hiking Badge. To boost motivation a little, point are awarded for every successfully completed hike.

The Arena Hiking Badge in gold, silver or bronze is a coveted reward for all mountain devotees. The hiking badge is available for a small contribution towards charges from all the tourist information offices and lift operators.


Awarding of credit points:

easy hike1 - 3 credit points
medium-heavy hike3 - 4 credit points
heavy hike4 - 5 credit points

until 15 (adults) or 10 (children) credit points:
Arena "Swarovski" hiking crystal in bronze

until 30 (adults) or 20 (children) credit points:
Arena "Swarovski" hiking crystal in silver

from 45 (adults) or 30 (children) credit points:
Arena "Swarovski" hiking crystal in gold

For further information please contact the tourist offices of the Zillertal Arena!