3000m Mountain Tours

Climb a mountain, which is as high as 3000m above sea level is a dream of many mountain lovers. In the Zillertal Arena this dream can come true – preferably with an experienced guide.


3000er Gipfeltouren




Gabler - 3,260 m

Reichenspitze - 3,303 m


Anyone who wishes to climb to the peak of the Reichenspitze needs to have strong climbing skills: 4 hours from Zittauerhütte. First, climb over the Wildgerlos Glacier and the névé ridge of the "Glatze" on a shoulder under the Gabler in order to pass south of its peak and to climb to the Reichenspitze, via the eastern wall. If anyone would like to make it more difficult, they can climb from the shoulder via the northeast onto the Gabler.



Wildgerlosspitze - 3,278 m

Scheekarspitze - 3,205 m


The Wildgerlosspitze is really true to its name, which translates as the Wildgerlos Point: an incredibly audacious peak with elegant spines. The northeastern spine is an exciting route: from Zittauerhütte it takes 6 hours. Very fit climbers can then cross over to the Schneekarspitze (1 1/2 hours) and climb via the northern spine and the Schönach Glacier down into the valley of the same name: a long day in the mountains, best undertaken with a mountain guide!




Please note that all tours to the 3000 m peaks are only suitable for experienced, very fit mountain climbers or must be carried out accompanied by a mountain guide!