Downhill valley run to Zell am Ziller/Rohrberg

Starting from the middle station at the Wiesenalm, the new ski run is 2.2 km long and, with a gradient of around 50 %, it offers quite a challenge (black piste). A special treat for all serious winter sport enthusiasts – in future you can ski from the “Übergangsjoch” at 2,500 metres above sea level non-stop all the way down into the valley to Zell/Rohrberg at an altitude of 580 metres, covering a mind-boggling distance of 10 kilometres and an elevation drop of no fewer than 1,930 m. Fans of the “Sportabfahrt” downhill run will likewise enjoy the extended distance all the way down to the valley.


Facts and figures on the new downhill valley run:

  • Black piste, 30 – 40 metres in width, gradient of up to 50%
  • Length: 2.2 km from the middle station
  • Elevation drop: 730 metres from the middle station

Special features:

  • From the “Übergangsjoch” (2,500 metres) 10 km of non-stop piste with a total elevation drop of 1,930 metres.
  • The Karspitzbahn I & II cable cars take you up to an altitude of 2,100 metres from where you can ski 6.6 km down into the valley
  • Route: Across fields beneath the middle station of the two feeder cable cars towards the Grindelalm, then down over the fields located below the Rosenalmbahn route. Two roads are crossed by means of a ski bridge, thereafter follows a forest section.