Skidepot & parking Dorfbahn Gerlos

Skidepot Dorfbahn Gerlos

During the winter season, the ski depot is open every day from 8 am to 9 pm. Please note that after 5.30 pm, access is only granted with a valid depot card!

The price per day for a 2-person locker is EUR 5.00 and EUR 10.00 for a 4-person locker. How long is a 1-day rental valid for? If you hire a locker from 8 am, you may use it up to 9 pm on the same day. If you wish to rent the locker until the following morning, an extra day’s rent will be charged. Duration: if a depot locker is rented for multiple days, it may be used up to 9 pm on the last day of the rental and must be cleared out by 9 pm at the latest.

You can make bookings at the cash desk of the Dorfbahn Gerlos or at Intersport Huber.


Standard locker

€ 5,00 per day

Family locker€ 10,00 per day
Long-term rental of a standard locker€ 300,00 per season
Long-term rental of a family locker€ 600,00 per season