Terms & Conditions

Prices, Reductions and Refunds


  • Reduced Tickets (children, youth, handicapped persons from 60% degree of disability) are sold only on submission of a photo ID. Thank you for your understanding that our staff cannot make any exceptions.


  • The ski passes and day tickets are non-transferable! Any abuse is going to be reported to the police.


  • As a rule the period of validity of a ski pass starts at the day of purchase. Multiple-day tickets can be purchased from 3.00pm the day before. Lift tickets are valid on successive days and an interruption is not possible (except from elective tickets).


  • Single tickets for pedestrians are only available for people without any winter-sport equipment.


  • In the event of an injury or illness, as a gesture of goodwill, we can refund the value of the pass from the last day on which it was used. Please note that for a refund you need to present a medical confirmation. No refund will be given for lost ski passes.


  • No refund or extension will be granted for bad weather, wind/storm, avalanche danger, unexpected early departure, interruption in operations, closed slopes, etc.


  • A later exchange for another ski pass, an extension or postponement of the period of validity is not possible. The tickets are non-transferable.


  • The termination of operations of some lifts during or at the end of the season due to the snow situation as well as the termination of ski-bus traffic remains reserved.


  • All services, which can be used with the passes, are being performed by legally autonomous companies. The corporation which sells the tickets acts as a representative for all other companies. The respective company is obliged for the performance of services as well as the compensations for eventual damages.


  • Information on ‘Photocompare’ in accordance with § 24 DSG (data protection act)

    Please note that for purposes of lift access control a reference photograph of the lift pass holder will be taken when he/she passes through a turnstile equipped with a camera for the first time. The lift operating staff will compare this reference photo with those photographs that are taken every time the lift pass holder passes through a turnstile equipped with a camera.  
    The reference photograph will be deleted from the system immediately upon expiry of the validity of the lift pass; the other photographs will be deleted from the system no later than 30 minutes after passing through the respective turnstile.
    We would like to point out that it is also possible to purchase lift passes that are configured in such a way that no photograph is taken upon passing through the turnstiles. Holders of such lift passes, however, must take into account that spot checks will be carried out by members of the lift operating staff.  

    “Conveyance on the lift is permitted after passing through the access control system. Data on the access location sites and numbers of persons passing through are saved solely for calculation purposes and only then when necessary for contractual fulfilment reasons.”