Königsleiten Gipfelbahn gondola lift

Königsleiten: the Gipfelbahn: The new 8-seater
Königsleiten Gipfelbahn gondola lift
, heated seating
included, replaces the 4-seater Königsleiten 2000
chair lift. An experience like no other – the Gipfelbahn is
the first gondola lift in the world with orange panoramic windows.


 Some technical details:

Cable height in the valley:1.948,01 m
Cable height at the top station:2.302,51 m
difference in altitude: 354,50 m
Runway length (horizontal length): 1.197,00 m
Operating length (diagonal length): 1.248,39 m
Average gradient: 29,62 %

Number of pillars

Track width:
 5,20 n
Driving means: 49
Capacity: 8 persons
 640 kg
Far the hoist rope: 62,75 m
Operations management 
Speed of the gondolas
 6 m/s
Subsequently, the driving means:
 10,46 s
Travel time: 3,61 min
 Capacity: 2.754 P/h