BMW xDrive Highlights at Zillertal Arena

There are now no more limits to joy.
Enjoy unlimited pleasure on perfectly prepared pistes, untouched deep snow slopes and experience BMW xDrive Highlights in the Zillertal Arena.

From the piste to the podium: with the BMW xDrive Cup
Participate, collect and win in the various disciplines of the BMW xDrive Cup in the Zillertal Arena. Collect a few badges, such as K2 LTD. BMW Powder Ride Ski every month and win a BMW X1 or BMW Ice Fascination Training at the end of the season.

SkiMovie section: Not only can you shoot down the slopes this season but also have your performance shot in a personal video. Get your own personal giant slalom video shot on our SkiMovie sections in Zell am Ziller/Kreuzwiese and Königsleiten - a special souvenir of your skiing holiday in the Zillertal Arena

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BMW xDrive Speed Check Track "Kreuzwiese Action Park":
Nothing can stop your best performance with the BMW xDrive Speed Check Photo on the downhill schussing slope for everyman. And because downhill schussing naturally goes by at great speed, a souvenir photo is automatically shot when you cross the finishing line.

Now download and share photos with friends.
Get your own personal SkiMovie or speed check photo and sign up for the BMW xDrive Cup.