The Zillertal Alps “Naturparkhaus” in Ginzling

The “Naturparkhaus” (nature park building) houses not only the administrative offices of the nature park, but also Ginzling’s council offices as well as an Alpine and regional library. Centrepiece of the building, however, is the modern, family-orientated interactive exhibition.

The nature park exhibition is not an exhibition in the conventional sense – there are no display cabinets, no boring information boards and there’s not a “Do not touch” sign anywhere to be seen! In fact, quite the opposite is the case – here visitors are encouraged to touch and feel and to grasp in the truest sense of the word. By means of a host of interactive, multimedia stations you set off in search through the Zillertal Alps in search of a long-lost expedition.

At the same time you can discover interesting and sometimes amazing facts about the region’s history and elements of nature: Who were the first tourists in the Zillertal valley? Which animals live at altitudes of 3,000 m above sea level? What secret lies behind the “Hohe Tauern window”? And what will have become of the Zillertal valley in 10 million years? Answers to these and many other intriguing questions can be found in the exhibition.  Offering a memorable experience for young and old alike, the exhibition is particularly suited to families and school classes. It is not without reason that the planning office VERDANDI ranks among the world’s most innovative exhibition designers and its broad spectrum of projects has already awed countless visitors.

Further information about the “Naturparkhaus” exhibition can be found here…