Dorfbahn Königsleiten I + II

The Salzburg side of the Zillertal Arena is also in top gear – a fact that can be clearly seen in the construction of the new Dorfbahn I + II in Königsleiten (8-seater monocable gondola). Covering a total distance of some 3 km in just 8 minutes, the new 2-section Dorfbahn gondola carries passengers from Königsleiten up to the top station at an elevation of 2,200 metres, just beneath the summit of the Königsleitenspitze. And, especially to pamper the bottoms of all those “ski bunnies” out there, the gondola is equipped with heated seating!

Some technical details:

1st Section 2nd Section
Cable height in the valley: 1.594,41 m 1.920,01 m
Cable height at the top station: 1.920,01 m 2.247,01 m
Altitude: 325,60 m 327,00 m
Runway length (horizontal length): 868,65 m 1.668,25 m
Operating length (diagonal length): 927,67 m 1.700,00 m
Average gradient: 47,68% 19,60%
Number of pillars 7 11
Track width: 5,20 m 5,20 m
Driving means: 34 56
Capacity: 8 Personen 8 Personen
Payload: 640 kg 640 kg
Far the hoist rope: 72,56 m 72,56 m


Operations management    
Speed of the gondolas 6,00 m/s 6,00 m/s
Subsequently, the driving means: 12,09 s 12,09 s
Travel time: 2,71 min 4,83 min
Capacity: 2.381 P/h 2.381 P/h

The drives for both sections are each in the middle. The tensioning device of the first Section in the valley, those of the second Section in the middle.

More information about the Dorfbahn Königsleiten


The mountain restaurant “Gipfeltreffen” is under construction at the top station of the Dorfbahn gondola in Königsleiten. One of the highest-altitude restaurants in the Zillertal Arena, it offers stunning views of the Hohe Tauern National Park and the Zillertal Alps. The new mountain restaurant will have about 70 seats indoor and is listed with service. On the terrace, about 100 other guests find their place.

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