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Beverages and fresh food market
Zell - 30.08.2014Beverages and fresh food market
Beverages and fresh food market from 9.00 to 1.00 p.m. products:Cheese, bacon and liquor from Hainzenberg"Fort House Fire" Schnaps'l from cellFreshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices from MayrhofenCheese from the dairy Zeller "Alpi"Honey and beeswax products from ZellbergFresh herbs for Kuchl windowZillertal specialties of the Rural Youth CellKiachl Wood-fired bread from the ZillergrundTeas from Ramsau and much more...
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Ei' haga at the Rössl Alm
Gerlos - 31.08.2014Ei' haga at the Rössl Alm
Music at the Rössl Alm in Gerlos ... with the band "Duo Montana"   Start: 12 am   Free admission!   Family Haberl & the Rössl Alm-Team are looking forward to your visit!
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Bauernmarkt und Platzkonzert
Wald-Königsleiten - 05.09.2014Bauernmarkt und Platzkonzert
Gerlos Sheep Drive
Gerlos - 13.09.2014Gerlos Sheep Drive
The Gerlos "SCHAFLSCHOADE" - Sheep drive with sensational village festival   In the early morning of September 13th, 2014, more than 250 sheep come down to the valley from the Alpine pastures. They find their way into the Schönachtal valley and are herded together.   Down in the valley - in the village center of Gerlos - countless guests and the local farmers await the animals. That's where the "Schaflschoade" starts - the sheep are divided into different corrals of the various farmers. A professional shearer, shears one sheep after the other.   Numerous chefs of the region cook local dishes.Start: 11am Free Admission!
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Summit at the Rössl Alm
Gerlos - 14.09.2014Summit at the Rössl Alm
Summit at the Rössl Alm in Gerlos with music.   Start: 11 am   Free admission!   Family Haberl & the Rössl Alm-Team are looking forward to your visit!     
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Almkirchtag at the Zellberg Stüberl
Zell - 14.09.2014Almkirchtag at the Zellberg Stüberl
Almkirchtag – Parish on the pasture at the Zellberg Stüberl on the Zillertaler Höhenstraße alpine roadStart:12.00 pm(Event will be held only during good weather - in bad weather in the Zellberg Stüberl with traditional Zillertal music.)
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Krimmler Ceremonial Cattle Drive with Farmers Market
Krimml - 20.09.2014Krimmler Ceremonial Cattle Drive with Farmers Market
Cattle Drive to Hottererhof in Gerlos
Gerlos - 20.09.2014Cattle Drive to Hottererhof in Gerlos
Great festival with live music and dance at the Hottererhof in Gerlos. Cows, sheep and horses are decorated and driven into the valley from Larmachalm alpine hut. Start: 12am Free admission!
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Red Noses Run 2014
Zell - 20.09.2014Red Noses Run 2014
... Running, hopping and trotting!for a LAUGH in the hospital  !Let's go to the RED NOSES Run: True to the motto " running, jumping ,trot , refresh " you can run the RED NOSES have everything - especially a lot of fun .Sign up now www.rotenasenlauf.at
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Gerlos - 25.09.2014Milkerball
Milkerball in Luigi's Turbobar in Gerlos. Dance and entertainment with a live-band   Start: 8pm   Free admission!
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